The Atari cartridge wallet

Wallets are repurposed from 100% original Atari 2600 games, selected for their high quality labels from thousands. Each one is assembled by hand and requires roughly 2 hours to repurpose from game to wallet. The only piece of the original game not used in the wallet design is the screw. Four tiny yet incredibly powerful neodymium magnets hold the wallet closed while the old spring and chip protector secure your money and cards.

The wallets took five years from concept to completion, launching in June 2009. To accumulate cartridges for wallets, a small, temporary side business was born buying and reselling Atari video game systems. Between wallet sales and game system resales, has given over $800 to charity in less than two years. Our second run of wallets will begin spring 2011.

Gaming tables

In 2002 a cheap poker table we had been using fell apart, unrepairable. Determined to make a better poker table, I crafted a simple design that not only fit our needs but also generated several requests for poker tables be built. After several iterations, the designs grew beyond standard geometry and began to incorporate custom material inlays, hardwood chip trays and built-in video game systems.

Project Hardball

In what several insiders have dubbed my best idea yet, Project Hardball is my second major repurposing project to be undertaken. Making its debut spring of 2011, Project Hardball will be certain to get a few dirty looks.

Beef jerky t-shirt

My first project to be terminated in the prototype stages. Critical problems were encountered with inclement weather, laundering and vicious animal attacks. The thong prototype rumor will be neither confirmed nor denied.